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History and Mandates

The Natural Resources Development Corporation (NRDC) is a government-owned and controlled corporation (GOCC) mandated to hasten the development by promoting or undertaking the development and use of technologies that complement the utilization and conservation of natural resources.

During the Marcos administration, the Philippines is in urgent need to conserve the natural resources and the environment as part of reversing the downward performance of the economy. Through Executive Order No. 786 series of 1982, President Ferdinand Marcos ordered the creation of the NRDC under the Ministry of Natural Resources. It is the Corporation’s function to support the development and implementation of new technologies for the proper utilization of resources that provides benefits to the people and the environment.

With the reorganization of the Philippine government in 1987, the NRDC remains to be under the Department of Environment and Natural Resources through the Executive Order No. 192 series of 1987. NRDC is primarily responsible for promoting natural resources development and conservation through:

  • Direct involvement in pioneering but potentially viable production, use, and marketing ventures or projects using new/innovative technologies, systems, and strategies; and
  • Financing natural resource development projects undertaken by the private sector.

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