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About us


  • To engage in potentially viable business ventures using pioneering and innovative systems, and technologies relative to management, production, processing, marketing, and financing for the development of forestry, land, mineral, and environment sectors.
  • To transform NRDC into a major revenue contributor to the national government in its capacity as the corporate arm of DENR.


  • To be an effective arm and partner of DENR by helping achieve a balance between development and protection of the environment through sustainable and innovative programs and projects.
  • To be the prime mover in providing linkages to the development of industries or enterprises in the environment and natural resources (ENR) sector.


  • To hasten development by promoting and undertaking the development and use of systems and technologies that complement the utilization of natural resources with its conservation.
  • To optimize the utilization of natural resources on its own or through its subsidiaries and joint venture partners.