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Patrimonial properties are lands that are no longer intended for public use or for public service. These properties still provide value in which the benefits can be realized. As DENR intends to attain the full benefits from these properties, it is NRDC’s goal to:

  • Optimize the development of the properties;
  •  Introduce innovative improvements that are relevant and suitable; and
  • Introduce innovative improvements that are relevant and suitable; and
  • Generate revenue that is advantageous to the government.   


Through the Executive Order No. 285, the functions of custody, administration, sale, lease, and transfer of commercial, industrial, and urban properties are transferred from the Building Services and Real Property Management Office (BSRPMO) to the DENR. Having the power to acquire, hold, and dispose lands, the NRDC is commissioned by the DENR in 2017 through a Memorandum of Agreement. The NRDC is responsible for managing and supervising the patrimonial properties by its own capacity or by entering sharing scheme arrangement through the Public Private Partnership (PPP) or the Government-to-Government project.  NRDC manages 24 properties in Luzon and Visayas.