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1 NRDC ERMITA / OPERATIONS Property Manager 30 Sep 2023 View
NRDC ERMITA / OPERATIONS Technical Assistant 15 Oct 2023 View
3 NRDC ERMITA / OPERATIONS Project Development Officer 15 Oct 2023 View
4 NRDC ERMITA / FINANCE Financial Management Adviser 15 Oct 2023 View
5 NRDC ERMITA / FINANCE Accountant 15 Oct 2023 View

The Natural Resources Development Corporation, the Department of Environment  and Natural Resources main corporate arm continues to be optimistic despite the pandemic and remains committed to becoming an "ideal government agency/corporation" and making environmental sustainability a reality in the Philippines.

Attitude is the key! We want to only work with the best. Future team members must have the following attributes:

Leadership. Strong urge to contribute to society and the environment. Takes Initiatives, able to organize people, and works well with the team

Drive for Achievement.
Desire to achieve and make things happen.

Commitment to Quality.
Diligent. No "puwede na iyan" attitude.

Critical Thinking and Adaptability.
Ability to analyze problems, handle various situations, and find ways forward.

Embraces and persist amidst challenges.

For those interested, email for more details or click "View" beside your target position.

You may download the latest PDS from the CSC website.